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Now the boring bit...

Belfast based nerd tattooer!

Love tattooing all things anime, geeky, nerdy and especially Pokemon. Gotta tat' em all!

Itachi Uchiha tattoo with warm pink hues

I'm based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I started my career in Belfast City Skinworks, they taught me everything I needed to get my career started.

From there I've moved to Skull and Bones Tattoo Society and have been really focusing on upping my craft.  I'm learning and getting better with every tattoo and love the ideas that people are coming to me with.

Keep your eyes peeled for a future venture under the Skull and Bones banner.

I specialise in colour tattoos but am happy to do the odd black and grey piece.

Meet the Team (update incoming)

photograph of the original Skull and Bones team

Our Studio in sunny Belfast

Skull and Bones Tattoo Society, Established in 2022 by James Conway.  Set in an up and coming part of town near the hustle and bustle of the new Ulster University.  Come say hi, were super friendly!

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